Friday, January 23, 2015

Magic of Thorn's Mystara: Wizard's Eye Globes and Seeing-Stones

Quite a few developments with this new year, not the least of which is a delving into gameplay of the newest edition of the world's greatest role playing game.

I've spent most of this past month developing the Sylvan Realm, harkening back to that nation of elven refugees shortly after its founding and before Ilsundal's creation of the Tree of Life.

As the great elven wizard's apprentice plumbs the depths of ruins and catacombs on behalf of her mentor, helping him with his Great Work, she stumbles across a minor artifact from the former inhabitants of the Sylvan Realm, which would have been somewhere near the  northern polar rim before the Great Rain of Fire.

Take a look at Aimeel's-Age Blackmoor's answer to the security camera and monitor, the wizard eye globe and seeing-stones, detailed at the Piazza forums, and let me know what you think.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Another New Year?

Happy New Year, blog-o-sphere.

It would seem last years' resolutions were a bit... ambitious.

TC2 and 3 are still in holding patterns. Ideas are well in place, but there is still very much left to do with the plot lines and encounter building.

Thorn & company are having way too much fun in Kurest Hurgon. The last vestiges of Loktar's Glittering Empire are taking a bit more time to explore than I'd thought....

The Handmaidens' adventures are a bit on hold as I work on some pre-Mistamere backstory amongst them. Will those tales see the light of day? It depends on how many want to see them, I suppose...

Act 2 of the Throne of Stars is nearly finished. Will the heroes finally manage to dock with the First Throne? What will they find there?

The play test of TC1 is technically still going. I think the players may need a kick, though...

I eagerly await the re-starting of Havard's Vales campaign, as well as reading what LFC material Rafe finally manages to cough up.

I look forward to working with the Threshold Magazine editors in fleshing out a couple levels of the Koskatep megadungeon.

And lastly, yes, dear sister(s), I do hope to get back to that other story some time this year. And maybe the other one, as well...