The Characters

2nd Level Male Thyatian Fighter (at Chronicle’s Opening) 
Str 14 +1           AC 7(leather) 5 (+ Dex)
Int 12 --             HD 2(14 hp)
Wis 10 --
Dex 16 +2
Con 12 --
Cha 11 --
Gilliam hails from a village in the northern mountains of Thyatis. Having nowhere else to go after his parents were killed in an orcish raid, Gilliam fell in with a group of bandits who made quite the living raiding desert caravans in Ylaruam. But the bandit leader's penchant for needless cruelty did not sit well with Gilliam, and he made away with a sizeable pouch of gold and silver in the dark of night. He found work in Selenica, and thought he'd settled down to an honest living. Unfortunately, the bandits finally caught up with him, and Gilliam was forced to flee. In his flight, he ran into (literally) the ex-soldier Varis. A scuffle with some ruffians later, the two found a hasty retreat from the city available by signing on as guards to a lone merchant.
Physical Description
Gilliam is 5'6" with dark blonde hair and a scruffy beard. His eyes are a deep gray-green.
General Skills and Weapon Mastery notes:
General Skills: Gambling, Cheating, Hunting, Riding (horse)
Gilliam fights with two short swords; he gets one extra attack each round,(taken at - 4 “to hit” and it is considered ‘basic’ level mastery). His primary attack is at “Skilled” Mastery level: 1d6+2 dmg, H: -1AC/1, Deflect + disarm
He is also an Expert with the longbow[P=M] 110/170/230 1d10+2 H: -2AC/1 Delay (s/m)

2nd Level Male Karameikan Fighter (at Chronicle’s Opening)
Str 15 +1          AC 5/4(chainmail/with shield)
Int 11 --           HD 2+2(18 hp)
Wis 10 --
Dex 9 --
Con 14 +1
Cha 12 --
Second son of a Thyatian woodcutter and Traladaran artisan, Varis left after his Shearing to join the Grand Duke's army. Earning his spurs rather quickly, he participated in several skirmishes along the northern mountains, rooting out goblin and orc warbands. After serving four years, he opted out of the Grand Duke's service, and decided that he wanted to see the world. His travels took him to Selenica, where a misunderstanding about a chicken, a Ylari courtesan and several bottles of olive oil landed him in a bit of trouble. Shortly thereafter, he crossed paths with Gilliam, who apparently had some misunderstandings of his own. The two joined forces and hightailed it out of town with the first merchant they could track down.
Physical Description: 
Varis stands 5'9" and weighs roughly 12 stone. He keeps his brown hair cut short, and keeps clean-shaven in the Thyatian style, a habit he picked up from his service with the Grand Duke. His eyes are hazel.
General Skills and Wepon Mastery notes:
General skills: Military Tactics, Riding (horse), Bravery
 Varis fights with a normal sword and shield, at Skilled mastery level: 1d12 dmg; H: -2 AC/1 Deflect + disarm

2nd Level Female Alphatian Cleric of the Silver Flame (at Chronicle's opening)

Str 10 --        AC 6 (scale), 5 (+Dex)
Int 12 --        HD 2 (10 hp)
Wis 16 +2
Dex 14 +1
Con 9 --
Cha 15 +1
Ana was orphaned very young, and was taken in by a local priest of the Silver Flame. He educated her, teaching her letters and numbers. He wasn't the kindest of men, and though he was very strict, he did not mistreat her. When he discovered she had the ability to nurture and wield the Flame, he immediately sent her to the Citadel so she could undergo further testing and training. She spent the remainder of her youth cloistered there, undergoing ever intensive study of the history, ways, and means of the Silver Flame.
On the eve of her 16th birthday, the Keeper of the Flame herself came to Ana's bedchamber, handed her a white-and-silver tabard, and told her that she was to journey to the west. Ana left the next morning on the first available ship.
She has been away from the Citadel nearly six months, traveling the past week with Old Seth, having been picked seemingly at random by his caravan guards when the master of the trade guilds insisted that they were not allowed to leave Selenica without a healer in their company.
Physical Description:
Ana has the slight build, pale complexion, raven-black hair and ice-blue eyes of "old blood" classic Alphatian race. This has been the source of much murmuring amongst her elders when it is revealed that she was found penniless, dirty and barefoot on the streets of Sundsvall. 
General Skills and Weapon Mastery notes:
General Skills: Alternate Magics, Healing, Knowledge (History of the Silver Flame), Ceremony (Silver Flame)
Ana fights with a scythe (treat as halberd) at Basic mastery level: 1d10 damage, hook+disarm.
Spells commonly prepared: Protection from Evil


Str 9 --                AC 7(leather)
Int 15 +1             HD 3 (15 hp)
Wis 15 +1
Dex 12 --
Con 10 --
Cha 15 +1

Thorn stands about 5'9". His chestnut brown hair is usually kept around collar length, tied back with a thin strip of leather when it gets too long. While he keeps a beard, as most of his order does, he keeps it trimmed close in the Thyatian style rather than growing wild. His eyes are dark brown, shot through with gold flecks.

Spells commonly memorized: Resist Cold, Faerie Fire, Produce Fire

General Skills: Survival(Forest), Science(Astronomy), Knowledge(Druidic Lore), Singing, Storytelling

Being a traveling order, druids are trained in the basics of self defense. Thorn fights with a quarterstaff at the “Skilled” rank:
[P=A] d6+2 A: -1AC/2 Deflect (1)

Demarra, Darra of the Kaledresh
4th Level Female Kaledreshi Darine Thief/Wayfinder
STR 10             AC 6 (Leather + Dex)
INT 13  +1       HD 4 (16 hp)
WIS 11
DEX 15 +2/-2
CON 9 
CHA 16 +1
  • Wayfinder spells: Ignore Road, Orientation, Quicken Pace, Silver Tongue
  • Lesser Gift of Zirchev: Locate Object
Demarra is of the Kaledresh tribe of the Darine, one of the three wandering tribes of Traldar. Tall for her kind, she stands approximately 5’7”, with the dusky complexion and dark hair and eyes of all Darine. She tends to dress in many layers of as many varying colors and materials as possible, always accenting her ensemble with jewelry of gold.
As one who has taken up Zirchev’s Oath, she bears his mark of favor upon the underside of her right  wrist.
General Skills: 
Appraisal, Dancing+2, Detect Deception, Mysticism (Zirchev), Persuasion
Weapon Mastery: 
Dagger (Expert): [P=H] 20/30/45 2d4 H:-2 AC/2 Double damage 19-20, 
Spear (Basic) [P=A] 20/40/60 1d6, Set

The Daughters of Uther 

“Silva” (Siren-class Daughter)
(Her Imperial Highness, Princess Rowena Andahar, Heiress of the Second Empire, Stewardess of Thonia, Conquerer of the Afridhi Rose of Dawn, Guardian of the First Throne of Stars; the First. Progenitor of the Sirens, and their Mother consciousness. Named "Walker in the Moonlight, the Waker of Dreamings" by the Lament of the Last Daughter. Named "Daughter of the Fallen Star" by the Seers in Ambur)
STR 9         AC 8 (unarmored, + Dex)
INT 16        HD 4+4 (36 hp)
WIS 12
DEX 15
CON 10
CHA 13
The mysterious girl appeared from a tunnel of lightning and moonlight somewhere in the dwarven kingdom of Rockhome. Found by the dwarf merchant Kuric, he named her “Silva,” because of the color of her eyes.
Fair of hair and complexion, her ears come to points too fine to be of elven or even halfling origin, but something entirely between. Her eyes are the color of Matera, and match the intricately twined and woven metal of the vambraces that clad her lower arms from wrist nearly to elbow.
Whether her magic is innate, or linked to the dragonstones embedded in her vambraces, Silva wields devastating power over stone, fire, and even the very souls of the living and the dead -- when she can control it.
Silva’s voice is capable of enhancing existing magics. She can also enthrall and bind ethereal demons.

"Aurora" (Shrike-class Daughter)
STR 15       AC 4 (battlecloth gown, + Dex)
INT 13        HD 4+4 (36 hp)
WIS 10
DEX 12
CON 10 (dropped from 12 after Radiance poisoning)
CHA 13
Found floundering in an icy pool after Thorn and company barely manage to fend off a demon, the party at first mistakes the girl for their lost companion, Silva.
Though she looked identical to Silva at first glance, the girl they named “Aurora” has eyes of bright gold, which match the vambraces twined about her forearms.
Aurora controls potent fire and stone-based magics, in addition to displaying incredible regenerative capabilities.
Aurora wields a heavy multiform sword, and with it is able to stand toe to toe with foes of demon-enhanced strength and magical power.
She claims to have last been active during the Beastman invasion in the last days of Halav. 
"Aurora" (Shrike-class Daughter), reborn
STR 16       AC 9 (unarmored)
INT  13        HD 6+4 (52 hp)
WIS   9
DEX 12
CON 14 
CHA 13
Turning every legend of the terrible Well of Souls on it’s head, the men of Blackmoor crossed the Well’s powerful magics with the life suspension techniques of the Galactic Federation. What had been a terrible engine of death was made into a device that allowed a return from death.
Thorn is unsure if the being brought to life from the process is entirely alive, or if she is entirely the Aurora he knew before. The girl claims to possess most (if not all) of the memories of the previous Aurora (“She who came before”). 
Save for much longer hair, the girl is identical to Aurora (before her use of a Radiant bolt), with the same golden eyes and matching intricately twining vambraces. Rather than a pair of dragonstones, she wields six: one of each type woven into each bracer. She also wears a Val’kira circlet woven around three white and two red dragonstones.

Jaelle, (the false Daughter, the dark Siren)

Born of a baleful fusion of the Well of Souls' magitech and the druidess Jaleel's bloodstone bindings, the Daughter known as Jaelle is the demons' foothold outside the dimensional prison that is the Whispering Forest of Alfheim. She is currently being tracked by Thorn's company, but will they be able to match the power of the blood of Andahar wielding the full power of dragonstones bent to the will of demonkind?

Silva's Army

Thorn and company stumbled across a group of ten girls who’d been kidnapped by the mercenary bandit Bargle. As they were all of nearly the same appearance, it is obvious that the rogue was searching for somebody very particular.
The heroes’ mission to rescue two dwarves suddenly became something akin to wrangling cats, having to protect the girls from kobolds, ogres, spiders... as well as each other.
Not all of the girls were completely helpless. 

Jasna Morozovna
1st Level Human Female Thief
STR:  7 -2        AC: 7(Unarmored, Dex.) 
INT: 10            hp: 3
WIS:  9  
DEX:16 +2
CON: 8 -1
CHA: 15 +1
Jasna was orphaned six years ago when her parents were killed in a bandit raid south of Verge. She managed to make her way to Threshold, where she was caught stealing food for herself and the group of other orphans with whom she had found shelter. The entire group was taken in by the clerics of the temple quarter, given food and shelter in return for basic upkeep of the various temples and grounds.
Jasna took to keeping around the small and neglected shrine to Korotiku, and it was there that she first made contact with elements of the Kingdom of Thieves and began honing her natural talents. She has snuck away from the orphanage on several occasions, exploring the Old Caves and the upper works of the ruins of Castle Mistamere. She is also making a map of Threshold and its surrounding area. It is her dream to someday find the Temple of the Shield.
Jasna has shoulder-length blonde hair, which she is constantly brushing out of her deep blue eyes. She stands 4’9” and weighs perhaps 85 pounds.
Jasna is deathly afraid of spiders.
General Skills: Cheating, Cartography, Deception, Singing
Weapon Mastery: Jasna is Skilled with daggers, making the most of her extended throwing range.
[P=H] 15/25/35 Dmg 1d6 H: -1AC/1 Double damage (20)
Jasna appears as an NPC in the adventure module TC1: The Baron’s Favor

Katarin Pevnoruk
1st Level Human Female Weaver (Sundsvall Initiate)
STR: 8 −1                 AC: 9 (unarmored)
INT: 15 +1               hp: 4
WIS: 13 --
DEX: 12
CON: 9 --
CHA: 14 +1
General Skills: Healing, Veterinary Healing, Singing, Concentration, Weavesight
Weapon Mastery: Katarin has older brothers, and is no stranger to scuffles. She is Skilled in the use of the club:  [P=M] 1d6+1  A: -1AC/2  Deflect (1)
Affinities:  Entropy 
Talents: Healing 
Weave Pool: 3**
Weaves Known: Delve*, Heal, Heal the Mind, Renew, Light, Flaming bolt
*Weaver has affinity with all related Spheres. Weave costs one level less to cast.
**Rule/weave used from “Under the Dragon’s Banner” netbook.
Katarin is the daughter of the Wisdom of Eltan’s Spring. While she is no stranger to poultices and simples, she is only just recently awakened to her ability to access the Powers of the Spheres, and has much more confidence in potions and compounds than she does her abilities with threads of Entropy.
Katarin is 5’3” tall, a slender 95lbs. As with all of Silva’s army, she has blonde hair worn past her shoulders, and blue eyes.

Brynne Ohnrus
1st Level Human Female Fighter
STR:  12            AC: 7 (Leather, 6 with Dex.) 
INT:  11            hp: 6
WIS:  11  
DEX: 15 +1
CON: 9 
CHA: 14 +1
Brynne hails from the mountain village of Eltan’s Spring, a ways to the north of Threshold. The only daughter of the village’s brewer, her father raised her as he would have a son, so Brynne has always been something of a tomboy. Fascinated with stories of heroes and knights, she dreamed of the chance to live out her own story, play-acting with the village’s Wisdom’s daughter, Katarin. They had their chance to be damsels and rescuers when both bought Bargle’s charmed pendants, and were lured to Mistamere.
 She stands 5’4” and weighs perhaps 110 pounds, and has the blonde hair and blue eyes of all of Silva’s Army.

General Skills: Craft: Brewing, Knowledge (Song of Halav), Singing +1
Weapon Mastery: Brynne is Skilled with the staff and club.
[P=A] d6+2 A: -1AC/2 Deflect (1)
[P=M] 1d6+1  A: -1AC/2  Deflect (1)

Petra Ladolentz

1st Level Human Female Thief/Wererat Whelp

STR:  12          AC: 9, 8 +Dex. (7 as animal, 6+ dex ) 

INT:  11          hp: 10 (12 in animal form)

WIS:  9  

DEX: 15 +1

CON: 12  (13)

CHA: 14 +1 (13)

Petra is the youngest of Silva’s Army, tall for her 9 years, at 5’2” and 90lbs. She is the second (adopted) daughter of one of the seasonal logging families that live along the western bank of Lake Windrush, across the river from Threshold. It is revealed during the events leading up to the rediscovery of Halav’s Shield that she is a wererat, though unsure if of the Greater- or Lesser- variety.

In her animal form, she is a giant, light gray-haired rat that stands 2 1/2’ tall at the shoulder, with a 3 foot long tail. She takes half damage from normal weapons while in this form, which she assumes during the three nights of the full moon. She is also able to assume her animal form on any night the moon is visible.

General Skills: Craft: Woodcarving, Hiding (Woodlands), Singing, Self Control
Weapon Mastery: Petra is Skilled with the sling and club. She typically dual-wields two sturdy oaken baton-like weapons of Ierendi make called “ton-fas”.
[P=H] 40/80/160 d6 H: -1AC/2, Stun (s/m)
[P=M] 1d6+1  A: -1AC/2  Deflect (1)

Morana Vornov
2nd Level Human (Lovani Darine) Female Rake/Seeress
STR:  8  -1           AC: 7 (Leather)
INT:  10 --           hp: 7
WIS: 14  + 1
DEX: 11 --
CON: 9  --
CHA: 13 +1
  • Seeress spell: Detect Invisible, once per day
  • Lesser Gift of Zirchev: Detect Danger, twice per day
Morana claims to be an orphan who grew up in the village of Armstead. She has actually run away from her Lovani Darine family, taking with her the clan master's pendant: a large gold-veined green stone clasped in a heavy gold setting. She also took her mother's Ring of Disguise, which she uses to color her raven hair blonde. 

Her mastery of the green dragonstone's power is incomplete, but coupled with her Lovani Darine blood's inclination towards telling of fortunes and readings, she has begun catching glimpses of possible futures, though mostly only as she dreams. She has not yet mastered the souma, the trance-like state that fully enables those of her kind to part the veil between past, present, and future.

General Skills: Profession: (Fortune Teller), Mysticism(Zirchev), Detect Deception, Singing
Weapon Mastery: Morana has only Basic Mastery with clubs and daggers.

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