The Adventure Path

The first arc of the Thorn's Chronicle storyline featured a retelling of Jason Bulmahn's "Kill Bargle!" from Dungeon #150, which expands Frank Mentzer's "Castle Mistamere," from the Basic Set DM's Booklet.

But just chasing the renegade wizard wasn't enough of a hook, in my mind. Revenge was pretty much out as a motivator, since Aleena is still very much alive on Thorn's Mystara.

Thorn and company are drawn to the castle ruins in order to rescue two of their companions, whom Bargle has taken in an effort to gain the mysterious girl Silva. They find more than just the dwarven brothers beneath Gygar's castle, though. Imprisoned along with the dwarves Kuric and Durin are ten other captives: girls of around Silva's age from all around the barony, captured by Bargle... but for what purpose? That question is not answered in the main Chronicle.

Adventure Module TC1: The Baron's Favor answers it.

Another girl gone missing! Three in one month, from Threshold alone, with more reports of abductions coming from the outlying farmsteads, and as far away as Verge and Eltan’s Spring.

The Townguard is stretched to its limit, what with the doubling of the patrols, house-to-house searches, and search parties along the Market Way, as well as up and down the Windrush Road.

Vampires, some say. Goblins, say others. Yet there is no sign of forced entry. No signs of struggle: just an open window and an empty bed.

And now the notices, posted on every inn and tavern door, and shouted from every corner of the Market square by the criers:

“His Lordship the Baron Sherlane Halaran hereby offers reward to those willing to undertake a mission of utmost urgency. Inquire at Tarnskeep, no later than noontide.”

This adventure requires either the D&D Basic set or Rules Cyclopedia to play. For 2 to 6 PCs of levels 1 -3

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