Friday, December 25, 2015

DM's Workshop: The Winter-Sworn

Those who swear their allegiance to the Dark Heart of Winter become cold and ice incarnate. Their skin takes on the cold blue-gray of frost-bitten flesh, and is painfully cold to others’ touch. An aura of cold lingers around the Winter-Sworn, out to a distance of five feet. The Winter-Sworn can increase this radius another five feet by invoking the Mantle of Winter effect.

- Immune to cold, and resistant to fire, piercing, poison and slashing damage. The Winer-Sworn's AC increases by 4.

- Icy Aura. The temperature of the air about the Winter-Sworn drops dramatically. Those within 5’ not equipped for winter weather take 1d4 points of cold damage per minute on a failed DC 10 Con saving throw. Enemies so equipped then only take 1d4 cold damage when a successful hit lands against the Winter-Sworn.

- Mantle of Winter. The cold radiating from the Winter-Sworn increases, both in radius and severity. Water condenses out of the air, creating an obscuring haze around the Winter-Sworn, and riming all surfaces up to 10’ distant in ice, making footing treacherous (treat as difficult terrain). Missile attacks suffer disadvantage due to the swirling haze. Winter gear is only half as effective against this increased cold, requiring DC 13 Con Saves to avoid taking 1d8 points of cold damage per round. Those hit by the Winter-Sworn in melee must make a Dexterity Save vs a DC of 10+ 1/2 damage dealt or slip on the icy ground and be knocked prone. 

- Touch of Winter. The Winter-Sworn may gather the strength of the winter’s night in their grasp a number of times per day equal to 3 plus their Charisma modifier. Weapons (if they are used) become rimed with frost and radiate a palpable cold. A successful hit (either bare-handed, or with an ice-rimed weapon) deals an extra 2d6 numbing cold damage and inflicts a level of exhaustion if a Con Save of DC 8+ the damage dealt is failed.


  1. Icy Aura seems to be a permanent effect but the other two powers not. How many times Winter-sworn can evoke its Mantle of Winter power in a day (or between rests)?

    1. If you want a fixed number, you could go with 3 plus Cha modifier/long rest. Or you could go with a rechargeable, like white dragon's breath (recharge (5-6)) Whichever makes a better challenge for your players :)