Friday, March 2, 2012

Twenty-odd days until the first installment of Arc 3: "Masks of the Dreaming Night." For those new to this blog, you can catch up on the "Rise of the Winter King" and "Wake of the White Witch's Wrath" either by-installment at the Piazza (links on the sidebar), or writ large on the Chronicle's archive at the Vaults of Pandius, here.

The tl;dr versions: Arc 1 covers the meeting of the group, the rescue of Silva's Army from Mistamere, the  saving of Verge from total destruction, the capture of Bargle and a slightly-altered version of B10's Lost Valley. Winter's hold over the weather is broken, and some secrets of Ancient Blackmoor are discovered.

Arc 2 covers the aftermath of the hero's separation just prior to the B10 section of Arc 1. The heroes are reunited, Bargle reappears, and the Eye of Traldar is found and then lost beneath Krakatos.

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