Saturday, August 25, 2012

Work in Progress: TC2: The Stone and the Maidens

Still very much a work in progress, the next adventure in the Thorn's Chronicle Adventure path, TC2: The Stone and the Maidens is under development at the Piazza.

Having disrupted Bargle's plans in the depths of Mistamere, and tamed the goblins of the Black Peaks, the girls are returned safely to their families. The heroes can rest easy, having earned the baron's favor.

Or can they...?

Strange creatures prowl the farmlands around Threshold, beasts who's skin throws up sparks at the touch of steel, who's bite turns the farmers and their livestock to stone. The full moon brings another surprise, when the petrified victims come to life!

Can the PCs unravel the riddle of the Stone Maiden's Curse before Threshold becomes a garden of statues?

You can follow development and offer feedback either on the Facebook Page or the thread at the Piazza forums.

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