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Light Against the Darkness: Alphatia's Silver Flame

Emblem of the Flame,  worn by all
priests and templars of the order

While the Alphatians brought lycanthropy with them from their home beyond the Stars, they also brought with them a means of combatting it: their worship a a being/entity/philosophy they call the Silver Flame. Those devout enough, strong enough in mind and spirit to study the Path of Light gain great power through their connection to the Silver Flame, using it to root out malicious intent and expose falsehood where it does harm to the greater good. They are as of yet the only ones able to successfully drive out a fiendish presence once it has taken root in a willing (or unwilling) host.

Just as clerics upholding causes of Neutrality can choose to advance as Druids, so too can Lawful clerics opt to study the Path of Light at Flamekeep in Alphatia. After a period of learning and meditation of 2d4 months, Initiates of the Flame (as they are called) are tested by the clergy. What those trials are, none will say, as they have taken an oath of secrecy (the details are left to the DM to either weave as backstory, or handle as one-on-one adventures). 

Should the Initiate pass the tests, they are ordained as Exorcists of the Silver Flame, and switch to that class thereafter. Should they knowingly perform Chaotic acts, they immediately lose all special abilities of the class, functioning as clerics of equivalent level. In some cases, atonement can be sought and granted, but each is a case by case basis, weighed by the Council of Exarchs, or the Speaker of the Flame.

Class Details:
Prime Requisite: An Exorcist’s prime requisites are Wisdom and Charisma. If an Exorcist has a Wisdom of 13 and a Charisma of 13-15, she gains 5%; for Wisdom of 13 or better and Charisma of 16-18, she gains a 10% bonus.
Exorcists advance and Save as Druids.
Hit Dice: Exorcists gain +1 hp per level, with no Con bonus.
Armor: An Exorcist may wear any type of armor, and may use a shield.
Weapons: Unlike clerics, Exorcists may use any weapon; many prefer the signature weapon of the order, the longbow.

Special Abilities:
Exorcism: An Exorcist uses her Turn ability to force a possessing entity out of the body it inhabits. If the result of the attempt is sufficient to Turn the entity’s HD, it is forced out: the magic user’s soul is forced back into its magic jar, the ghost or fiendish presence is made ethereal; the entity cannot attempt to possess that particular target for 24 hours.
Censure of the Flame: An Exorcist may use a Turn attempt to ward off demons or otherworldly beings. A number indicates what the Exorcist must roll equal or higher on 2d6. A “T” indicates the being is automatically turned, and will flee or go dormant for the duration of the encounter, or until provoked back into action; a “D” indicates that the entity is banished, pushed back into the Ether or Astral. Note that if an opening back into the Prime exists, the being will most likely seek it out....
Weapon of the Exorcist: The Exorcist’s chosen weapon (does not have to be magical, must have been in possession for at least 24 hours) gains a +1 to damage rolls and is treated as “+1” magical for the purpose of hitting certain magical creatures. 

At level 10:
Weapon of the Exorcist: Silver: The Exorcist’s chosen weapon is treated as if silvered, for purposes of hitting creatures vulnerable to such attacks.

At level 11:
Proof Against Darkness: Exorcists gain Infravision to a depth of 30’.
Resist Possession: Exorcists gain a +2 to their saving throws against magical, demonic, or ghostly possession.
Might of the Flame: Similar to the Fighter’s Smash Combat Option, Exorcists can turn the fury of the Flame against their enemies. Once per day, by taking -5 penalty to hit (but still including Strength and magic bonuses to the roll), the Exorcist can add her Charisma score to the damage dealt by the blow to any extraplanar being. The Exorcist gains an additional use per day at 15th, 19th, 24th, and 36th levels.

At 14th level:
Whispers of Evil: The Exorcist can use ESP up to three times per day to listen to one target (per use)’s thoughts. This effect lasts for one hour.

At 16th level:
Silver Exorcism: The Exorcist gains a +2 bonus to the Turn attempt roll to force a possessing entity out of its victim. If the result is a “T,” it is elevated to a “D,”; “D” to “D+”.
Weapon of the Exorcist: Flame: Once per day, the Exorcist’s chosen weapon gains the ability to burst into flame, as the magical effect of the same name. The Exorcist gains extra uses of this ability at levels 20, 25, and 30

At 18th level:
Weapon of the Exorcist: Silver Flame: Once per day, the Exorcist can channel the might of the Silver Flame through the chosen weapon, dealing double damage to an outsider target. The Exorcist gains extra uses per day at levels 24 and 36.

At 20th level:
Shroud of Silver Flame: Once per day, the Exorcist can manifest shroud of Silver Flame about herself, granting a +2 bonus to AC and Saving Throws. Any outsider in melee combat takes 1d6 +1 point per Exorcist level in damage from the flames (to a maximum of 20d6+20). The flames are not hot, and will not ignite combustables. The shroud projects light up to 30’ radius. The shroud lasts 1 round per Exorcist level.

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