Wednesday, July 3, 2013

T-minus 50:45:37, and counting

The trigger encounter for the second act of The Throne of Stars campaign goes live in a little over two days.

The northern slopes of the Mountains of Booh burn after a lance of greenish fire fell from the First Throne, in what the Seneschal is calling a strike upon enemies of the Empire entrenched within its borders. Speculation is rampant as to whether or not the winged figures glimpsed in the few blurry memory-keeps are minions of the Egg, or perhaps a clutch of hatchling dragons. The Defense Ministry has confirmed that a squadron of Sparrowhawks breached Tenian airspace in pursuit of a wounded golden dragon.

Details are sketchy, and the Seneschal has issued no statement concerning the abduction and disappearance of the Empress of Pop from her album signing at the House of Remembrances that was once Castle Blackmoor. Sources close to the Ministry of Intelligence, however, have hinted that the orbital strike targeted a safe house in the mountains being used by Aimeel's captors.

With the smoke-filled dawn, the Empire is a quieter place, as it is feared that the Empress may have perished, caught in the crossfire between Blackmoor and her enemies......

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