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Careers of Thorn's Blackmoor: The Free Agent

Free Agent Careers

The hero with high Dexterity and Will is best suited to the Free Agent profession. These are the independent operatives of the Empire: the covert agents, troubleshooters.


No, not the literal head hunter from the primitive tribes of the Western Continent. These are the men and women of the Empire who pursue and capture those who have fled justice, or are wanted by the legal (or illegal) authorities.
Headhunters will want to take specialty skills that help them to not only track down, but then capture their quarry. Thus, skills such as shadow, protection protocols, search, track, interview, intimidate and bribe may prove useful. Armor Operation, dodge and the Stamina specialties will come in handy as well. A headhunter may also want familiarity with Law or Business, in case tangling with authorities or negotiating contracts should come into play.
Signature Equipment: Sidearm of choice, earring of whispers, readingglass slate.
Skill Package: Modern Ranged Weapons - pistol; Stealth - shadow; Investigate - track; Interaction-interview. Cost: 30 points.


Whether it’s the guilds or one of the Ministries, there are those in high places that need things done. The Operative is the one who does it. They are the ones to ferret out secrets, surveil the competition (be it another guild or government).
Some Operatives work independently foregoing the steady paycheck to sell their information to the highest bidder. Others may be in the employ of a specific organization or government.
Combat skills of any and all types are practically a necessity for the Operative. Athletics skills should also be high on the list of early purchases, as well as Acrobatics. Getting in and out of tight places requires Manipulation skills, as well as Security and Stealth.
Signature Equipment: Surveillance gear, antiscan weave clothing, 9mm charge pistol
Skill Package: Athletics - climb; Moder Ranged Weapons-pistol; Manipulation; Stealth-sneak; Interaction-interview, -seduce 2. Cost: 35 points.


The Empire is vast, and these are the individuals poking into its furthest corners — whether its on an exploratory mission backed by the state, an investigation into the depths of the southern jungles sponsored by the University. The frontier scout, guide through the passes of the Wyrmsteeth, or even the sewer rat plumbing the depths of the sprawl along Blackmoor Bay or the catacombs below Vestfold are but a few of the varieties of explorers the Empire tends to classify as “Outlanders.”
The Outlander may want to choose one or more terrains for the Survival broad skill, hide, sneak, and track. Athletics and its specialty skills can also be very useful to the Outlander, as would the specialties under Stamina broad skill. Life Sciences or Physical sciences, Navigation, System Operations can’t hurt.
Signature Equipment: battle vest, 11mm charge-rifle, transport (and the accompanying burdensome loan that must eventually be paid off)
Skill Package: Modern Ranged Weapon- rifle; Vehicle Operation - (specific to transport type); Movement - trailblazing; Survival - (specific terrain); Navigate - surface navigation. Cost: 35 points.


     The sharper makes his living by locating the big games and finding a way to win, be it cards, dice, or some other game of chance. Some might be highly skilled players, while others are highly skilled at cheating. Either way, they can bluff, charm or seduce their way out of (or into) trouble.

Cards or dice aren’t all there is to the Sharper, and while they’d much rather win the day with wits and skills, sometimes fists or blades are necessary.
Any or all of the Deception specialty skills are the main focus of this type of hero. Manipulation and all of its specialties should be a close second. Awareness specialty skills may give the Sharper help in determining if he’s in over his head, and hide and sneak may come in handy in getting him out of such a situation.
Signature equipment: Flashy clothes and ride, easily-concealable sidearm, “lucky” token.
Skill Package: Manipulation - pickpocket, Deception - bluff 2, gamble 2, Interaction - charm 2, -seduce. Cost: 30 points.

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