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Careers of Thorn's Blackmoor: The TechOp


Of all the professions, TechOps are the most likely to shine in Blackmoor’s Late Imperial Age. These are the tinkerers, inventors, those making and making use of the newest technologies. A hero with a high INT and DEX with an interest in some sort of technology or another is a prime candidate for the TechOp.


The Aetheric plane is a vast, murky sea of knowledge and information. It can be overwhelming to any but those who have trained themselves to navigate its currents. Such specialists call themselves Aethernauts. Some simply roam, others explore, whether for their own gain or at the behest of other individuals, companies, Guilds, or Ministries.
Aethernauts need Computer Science-hacking to perform most of their work in the Aetheric, while Business and Security broad and specialty skills will help negotiations on the Prime.
Signature Equipment: Ordinary aethercaster, one Marginal quality luxograph, two Ordinary quality luxographs.
Skill Package: Computer Science-hacking 2, hardware, programming 2, Security-protection protocols, security devices. Cost: 35 points.

Difference Engineer

If it counts, tabulates, or otherwise processes, the difference engineer is the one who either made it, or can improve on it, whether its the gearworks or the luxograph that drives them.
Computer Science-hardware and Technical Science-repair are most likely this hero’s primary skills, though he’ll want ranks in the other specialties as well.
Other important skills of interest to the Difference Engineer might be Business-corporate or -small business. Security-security devices, System Operation-sensors and Knowledge-deduce.
Signature Equipment: Marginal difference engine with two Marginal luxographs and one Ordinary quality luxograph.
Skill Package: Computer Science-hacking, hardware 2, programming; Technical Science-repair, technical knowledge. Cost: 30 points.


The chirurgeon uses the latest in medical technology and science available to diagnose, treat, or cure what ails someone else. The IAF Medico, Ministry-sanctioned physician, Healer’s Guild doctor are all examples of types of Chirurgeons one is likely to encounter in Blackmoor of the Late Imperium. 
Medical Science is a must. Depending on the type of chirurgeon, ranks in forensics, medical knowledge, psychology or xenomedicine will help to further define the hero’s career. Life Sciences could also prove useful, specifically biology and/or genetics.
Signature equipment: Surgical kit, first aid kit, medical gauntlet.
Skill Package: Medical Science-medical knowledge, surgery 2, treatment 2; Cost: 25 points.

University Scholar

Though the means of collecting research may have changed over the ages, those who devote themselves to a particular field of study have not. Whatever the topic, chances are there is a student at the University of Blackmoor that is studying it, with a head full of facts, figures, theories, and a pile of material still to sift through. 
A University scholar hero will have ranks in specific areas of Knowledge, Science, or Lore. He might have one or two combat skills, but overall, these types of characters serve better as tacticians than combatants. The field researcher might have Survival, augmented by Knowledge of the specific terrain.
Signature equipment: Ordinary quality readingglass slate and two Ordinary luxographs.
Skill Package: Knowledge-deduce; Life Science; Physical Science; Technical Science; Awareness-intuition, perception. Cost: 25 points.

University Scientist

In the field, or in the lab, the University Scientist is the TechOp devoted to a specific field of the scientific study. Those accompanying adventuring teams may be out collecting field data, testing theories, or new inventions. They may tag along, lending specific knowledge to the group. Blackmoor University has labs devoted to biology, geology, acoustico-physics, alchemy, dracology, magical field theory, elemental theory, planar physics, among many others….
The University Scientist starts off with one or more Science broad skills and a few specialties. Knowledge is important, as is System Operation, Administration. Some may have the Teach broad skill.
Signature Equipment: Sensor gauntlet, readingglass slate, instrument pack.
Skill Package: Knowledge-computer operation, deduce; Physical Science-astronomy, chemistry 2, physics 2; System Operation-communications, sensors; Investigate. Cost: 35 points.

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