Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Reblog: Wild Magic of Blackmoor

Magic users new to the Northern Marches often found their spells misfiring, or not having quite the desired effect. Spells have a chance of going awry relative to the proximity to the Black Spire, with the severity of the effect stronger the closer the caster is to Blackmoor:
1 in 6: Radius = Blackmoor - ~Starmorgan;
3 in 6: Radius = Blackmoor - ~ Egg of Coot;
5 in 6: Radius = Blackmoor - ~ Coot’s Watch

These distances are not absolute, and can fluctuate as much as another ten miles wider or narrower.

Other effects (this list is by no means exhaustive; DM should flip a coin to determine if this or the opposite effect takes place)
•Spell inflicts +1/+2/+3 points of damage per die;
•Spell area is increased by 10/30/50 percent;
•Saves at -1/-2/-3;
•Spell has opposite elemental effect;
•Spell is off target (use splash chart, off by 3/5/10 feet/yards in random direction);
•Spell’s effect turns into a rain of copper/silver/gold coins of value equal to caster’s XP (or of magic user XP of equivalent HD;

•Spell’s target turns into a chicken for 2d4 rounds/turns/days

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