Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy Alternity Game Day!

March has crept up awfully fast this year.

In remembrance of the anniversary of the shelving of the Alternity system, we raise a glass and salute what was in many ways a predecessor to the d20 system. A system where we can roll a 1 and be happy about it.

This year, I'll refresh some of the Chronicle heroes:

4th level Human Male Free Agent
STR 11 +1    INT 10      
DEX 13 +3*  WIL 9
CON 9          PER 9
Durability: 9/9/5/5 Actions: 2, Action Check: 14+/13/6/3, Last Resorts: 1
Move: 24 sprint, 14 run, 6 walk, 3 easy swim, 6 swim
Perks: Ambidextrous (only +2 steps to simultaneous off-hand action)
Flaws: Powerful Enemy

Attack                Score        Range        Damage              Type        notes
Defensive MA    14/7/3    Personal    d4+1s/d4+2s/d4+3s LI/O
Melee-blade      12/6/3    Personal    d4w/d6w/d6+2w   LI/O    short swords
Ranged-bow      15/7/3  40/80/200 d4+1w/d6+1w/d4m LI/O    longbow

+1 step vs. Melee attacks
+3 steps vs. ranged attacks* (additional step from Free Agent)
Leather armor: d6-2 LI d6-4 HI  d6-4 En
shakes off 2 stuns (Armor Op)

Armor Operation[11] -combat armor[13], Athletics[11] -climb[12], -throw[12], Melee[11] -blade[12], Stamina[9] -endurance[10], Acrobatics[13] -defensive martial arts[14], Ranged Weapons[13] -bow[15], Knowledge[10] -first aid[11], Navigation[10] -surface[11], Animal Handling[9] -riding[10], Awareness[9] -perception[10], Investigate[9] -track[10], Deception[9] -bluff[11], -gamble[11], Interaction[9] -bargain[10]

3rd level Human Male Combat Spec
STR 11 +2* INT 9
DEX 8         WIL 8
CON 10     PER 9
Durability 11/10/5/5   Action Check 14+/13/6/3 Actions: 2  Last Resorts: 1
Move: 18 sprint, 12 run, 4 walk, Easy Swim 2, Swim 4
Perks: *Tough as Nails, Vigor

Attack                     Score     Range        Damage       Type        notes
Unarmed-brawl     12/6/3  Personal  d4+1s/d4+2s/d4+3s     LI/O    
Melee-blade (@-d4) 14/7/3  Personal   d4+2w/d6+2w/d4m   LI/O      broadsword
Ranged-throw       12/6/3  11/22/44    d4w/d4+1w/d4+2w    LI/O      knife

+2* steps vs. Melee
Chain mail armor d6-1 LI  d6-4 HI  d6-4 En
medium shield +2/+2/0
helm                +1/0/0
Armor Op: shakes off 2 stuns, (primary or secondary)

Armor Operation[11] -combat armor[13], Athletics[11] -throw[12], Melee[11] -blade[14], Unarmed Attack[11] -brawl[12], Ranged Weapons[8], Stamina[10] -endurance[12], Knowledge[9] -first aid[10], Tactics[9] -infantry tactics[11], Awareness[8], Animal Handling[8] -riding[10], Resolve[8] -physical resolve[10], Interaction[9], Leadership[9]

Achievements: Action Check Increase 1

4th Level Human Female Believer/Diplomat
STR 8     INT 9
DEX 10   WIL 12 +2*
CON 8    PER 11 +1
Durability 8/8/4/4  Actions: 2  Action Check: 11+/10/5/2 Last Resorts: 2 FX Energy: 10
Move: 18 sprint, 12 run, 4 walk, 2 easy swim, 4 swim
Perks: *Willpower, Reputation
Flaws: Fixed FX recovery (dawn), Phobia (enclosed spaces)

Attack        Score    Range        Damage                   Type       notes
Unarmed       4/2/1  Personal   d4s/d4+1s/d4+2s         LI/O    unskilled
Melee-blade 10/5/2 Personal  d6+1w/d4+3w/d4+1w  LI/O    scythe, requires two hands to wield

Resistance Modifiers
+2* vs psionics

Scale mail d6-1 LI  d6-4 HI  d6-4 En

Armor Operation[8] -combat armor[9], Athletics[8], Melee[8] -blade[10], Stamina[8] -endurance[9], Knowledge[9] -first aid[10], -demonology[10], Animal Handling[12] -riding[13], Awareness[12] -intuition[13], -perception[13], Resolve[12] -mental resolve[13], Street Smart[12], Interaction[11], Deception[11] - bluff[12], Entertainment[11] -harp[12], Monotheism, -exorcism[13]

2nd level female Tech Op/Arcanist
STR 8           INT 12 +1
DEX 11 +2*  WIL 9
CON 9          PER 10
Durability: 9/9/5/5    Actions: 2   Action Check: 13+/12/6/3  Last Resorts: 1 FX Energy: 15
Move: 18 sprint, 12 run, 4 walk, 2 easy swim, 4 swim
Perks: Concentration, Reflexes*
Flaws: Alien Artifact, Forgetful, Fragile (-1 to Stamina-endurance checks vs. damage)

Attack             Score      Range        Damage                Type        notes
Unarmed       13/6/3   Personal    d4s/d4+1s/d4+2s     LI/O    Defensive Martial arts
Melee-blade     9/5/2  Personal   d4w/d4+1w/d4+2w  LI/O    dagger
Athletics-throw 12/6/3  8/16/32
+2 steps vs Ranged attacks
Good durability vs. LI and HI attacks (damage steps down)
dragonstone blur: additional +1 to STR or DEX resistance modifier

Athletics[8] -throw[12], Melee[8] -blade[9], Acrobatics[11] -defensive martial arts[13], Stealth[11] -hide[12], -sneak[12], Stamina[9] -endurance[10], Knowledge[12] -first aid, -magic[14], -magical devices[14], Physical Sciences[12] -astronomy[13], Awareness[9], Resolve[9], Culture[10] -diplomacy[11], -etiquette(Blackmoor)[11], Entertainment[10] -sing[13]*, Interaction[10]
White dragonstone pendant (Ordinary quality)
Artifact: Dragonstone vambraces: 1 x Good quality red stone, 1 x Good quality black stone

*Silva can use Entertainment -sing to assist a spell-caster, as described in “Assisting Actions” PHB, pg. 50.

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