Wednesday, January 6, 2016

DM's Workshop: Sundsvall Initiates

In counterpoint to the Glantrian shepherd Golithar and his leashed weaver, Jolenta, let's take a look at the other side of the Spheric weaving coin.

The "pureblood" Alphatian tradition of weavecraft relies on tried-and-true batteries of rigorous weave theory and practical application, drummed into their weavers from a very early age. While Alphatian weavers learn for a time from a mentor,  this"field study" usually only begins after an extended period of study and practice at the Tower of the Seven Lights in Sundsvall.

Saoirse was a newly-sworn Tower Initiate, exploring northern Darokin with her sponsor prior to the events in Thorn's Chronicle. She and her sponsor were overwhelmed by orcs, and Saoirse barely escaped with her life, fleeing into Glantri. She was caught nearly a week later by bloodhounds, and was bought and collared by a shepherd with ties to the Iron Ring.  She has since been freed of her shepherd, and is living in Threshold under the watchful eye of Baron Halaran, where she has taken the newly-awkened weaver Katarin as her pupil.

Katarin's adventures are being chronicled in the Handmaidens of Petra family of posts, which can be read here on the blog, or at the Piazza forums.(Check the sidebar on the left for links) The Handmaidens' First Quest story has been compiled into a single volume, available at the Vaults of Pandius.

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