Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Magitech of Blackmoor: Dragonstone Nacelles, part 1

 Though the decorations on the housings may differ slightly depending on the gnomish metal crafting, dragonstone nacelles all consist of an oblong canister-like enclosure of blown glass enclosed in a brass housing, containing either one imperfectly-cut dragonstone or one to three dragonstone fragments amidst a tangle of thin wires of various precious metals. One end is usually domed, or conical, or tapered in some other fashion, while the other ends in either a toothed or grooved socket, depending on its estimated usage expectancy.
The nacelle is a crude extrapolation of the ancient Blackmoor magitech used to power, maintain, and operate a warforged and soulbound construct’s body shell. While the originals used a delicate tuning and harmonization process to regulate and enhance the enclosed dragonstones’ abilities fore use by the shell, the Eternal Emperors researchers found that their larger versions could stabilize a dragonstone otherwise made useless by imperfect cutting during harvesting or damage on the battlefield. That this was a result of stripping the safety and limiting functions found in the originals’ designs was of little consequence to the Emperor and his ministers of defense. The fact that this made the magitech suitable for weaponization in addition to its being used for physical enhancement only increased the funding for the ministry to eke out every means of use of the magitech of the enemies of the Glittering Empire.


  1. Damn close to what I imagine Arcanum Crystals and their larger and more capable cousins to be like. The difference is that arcanum crystals, capacitors and coils are charged with elemental energy and the the fantasy equivalent of a battery...the coils can be used in conjunction with starships for interplanetary travel but no FTL speeds (yet).