Friday, April 19, 2013

Curtain call: Act 1 complete

The first act of the Throne of Stars Campaign finishes up, and work is underway to bring Act 2 online within the next few weeks.

Kudos to the players, baron, Rafe, tarlyn, Yaztromo, and Chimpman, for helping to take the story well beyond where I'd envisioned it.

Where have Yaz, Elrohir, Loras and Ivy found themselves, in narrowly escaping the mountain safe house? Have they leapt from the frying pan into the fire?

The Throne of Stars is an adventure series set in the Last Days of Blackmoor. The Kingdom, and its Empire, is at its height rivaling even that of Thonia. But the Emperor's power is fading: the magic of the land that has kept him alive is failing, and he relies more and more on the exotic technologies that emerge from Blackmoor University's labs.

Blackmoor's allies chafe under ever harsher trade restrictions. Far-flung colonies unable to rely on the Empire for defense turn to their own methods, bringing ages-old systems back online, unearthing secrets without heed to why they were buried in the wake of the last Crusade.

Things best left asleep stir and awaken, after hundreds of years... Legends walk the shadowed corners of the Empire. The whispers come more frequent, spoken ever louder:

Andahar's heiress has been found, the line is restored.

Will she save the Empire, or doom it?

Will she step into the light of day, or come forth under the shroud of twilight?

The Throne of Stars plays out at the Comeback Inn forums, set in the far future of Dave Arneson's Blackmoor campaign setting, or the distant past of Thorn's Mystara.

A few seats for players are still available. PM the Throne of Stars forum moderator for more details.

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