Sunday, April 28, 2013

Design Diary: The Songbird and Her Cat

The Throne of Stars campaign opened with a question. Two questions, really: What is Aimeel, and why does the Empire want its greatest musical sensation silenced?

Is she the legendary Rowena reincarnated, as the girl announced in the single most widely watched Hour of Truth episode in the fifteen year history of that show?
Devoid of all but the briefest of memories before her arrival in Vestfold, the songstress has only recently begun to see the incredible power in her voice. When her power became too wild to hide any longer, the girl’s guardian — in the guise of executive manager of the girl’s crystalline impression releases — decided it was best to step from the shadows, and unleashed the latent siren’s talent on the Empire. It would raise too many questions among a legion of fans, should the Empire take steps against a rogue weapon from a war they wanted forgotten.
She had no way of knowing just which pieces of the Kingsman board were arrayed against her and her young charge...

While Aimeel’s body might have had the necessary equipment for a stunning musical career, her mind was not yet prepared to put that talent to its proper use. Her shard of Rowena’s consciousness was damaged in the harrowing flight from an overrun outpost on the fringes of the Empire.
Her counterpart, the shrike dubbed ‘Sevenz,’ was heavily damaged in defending Aimeel’s flight through the Uthorrad Inner Sanctum. The chaos of the uncontrolled Lightning Road transfer left the shike's remaining components locked in a hastily generated body of virtual particles in the form of a golden-haired, green-eyed Yannivarian cat. Due to a leak in the shrike's dragonstone reactor system, she is unable to generate the virtual matter needed for a full-sized version of her former shell. While she theoretically could do so, the virtual matter would become unstable, and the increased strain on her reactors would poison everything within a half-mile radius in a short order of time.

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