Monday, December 16, 2013

Now available at the Vaults

Thanks to Shawn's hard work, the first part of the Handmaidens' tale is available at the Vaults of Pandius.

In the week following the events of Wake of the White Witch's Wrath arc, the Handmaidens return to their normal lives in and around Threshold... Or do they?

"First Quest" puts the Thorn's Chronicle spin on Tim Beach's Hail the Heroes CD adventure (TSR2502) from the 2nd edition adaptation of Karameikos, following the Handmaidens of Petra as they unravel the mystery behind the location of Halav's shield. The PDF includes a map of the area surrounding Threshold, as well as D&D stats for the four main heroines appearing in the story: Jasna, Katarin, Brynne and Petra.

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