Friday, March 21, 2014

Careers of Thorn's Blackmoor: The Adept

Nearly everybody in the core of the Empire possesses at least a minimal talent for magic. The flame burns brighter in some than others. Those who nurture that spark of magic are known as adepts, while those who merely dabble have come to be called talents.


Many in the core of the Empire use their magical abilities to entertain. From the firedancers of the Vestfold Circus to the Empress of Pop, these adepts understand what the people want, and bend their abilities to producing shows and effects to engage and amaze their audiences.
Often, heroes will take Free Agent or Diplomat as their secondary profession.
Signature Equipment: several sets of costumes, speaking stone scepter or crystalviewer, legion of fans.
Skill Package: Illusion - clamor, static image; Manipulation - prestidigitation; Entertainment - dance, -act, and/or -sing; Interaction - charm 2. Cost: 49 points (Diplomat) or 40 (Free Agent)


The Empire has many secrets, and those Acanists and Believers working to uncover them usually take the Investigator career. Some are Mesmerists, using their control over the minds of others to uncover truths, while others do so with the aid of otherworldly intervention.
Most often, these heroes take Free Agent as their secondary profession
Signature Equipment: portable difference engine or d.e. gauntlet, readingglass slate, CF shortcoat, earring of whispers, heavy dose of paranoia.
Skill Package: Physical Science or Life Science, Knowledge (specific field), Lore (specific field), Investigate, Resolve - mental resolve. Adept: Mesmerism - befriend, forgetfulness Cost: 42 points  Believer: Alienism - Eyes of the dark ones (39 points) or Monotheism - Signs and portents - vision (41 points)


Not all of Blackmoor’s adepts are found within the cities and temples. Rangers living on the frontiers, hermits in the Mountains of Booh, and tree lords of Ringlo Hall, or any who operate away from civilization and work to preserve the land andnature follow aspects of the Outdoorsman career.
Combat Spec or Free agent is usually the secondary profession of choice, though those who work alongside civilization (guides of Ringlo Hall, forestland attendants to the Imperial Reserves) often take Diplomat.
Signature equipment: bedroll, fatigues, camping gear, compass, rifle, first aid kit.
Skill Package: Druid- kinship of beasts, life endures; Modern Ranged Weapons - rifle; Survival; Investigate - track; Cost: 39 points (Combat Spec or Free Agent)

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