Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Alternity Game Day

Artifact: Val’kira’s Bracers

The vambraces appear to be a network of brightly glowing silvery or golden metal, an impossibly intricate pattern of weaves and sworls and braids, radiating from one to three crystal settings placed along the top of the wearer’s wrist.

The bracers are grafts of world-shield alloys, bonded directly to the flesh of the wearer, linking them to the crystals.

Their primary purpose is for defense, elevating the wearer to Good toughness vs. LI and HI attacks. They will also disperse 4 points of damage from any attack form (LI, HI, En), for up to 20 points per day. Paired with a circlet or tiara, the wearer is enveloped in a defensive screen that imposes a +3-step penalty to missile attacks. (Armor, Kinetic, Energy Dispersal powers)

The wearer’s lifespan is increased tenfold, and gains a -4 step bonus on Stamina-endurance checks due to mortal damage.  (Immortality power)

Artifact: Val’kira Circlet

The circlet appears to be a network of brightly glowing silvery or golden metal, an impossibly intricate pattern of weaves and sworls and braids, radiating from one to three crystal settings placed along the front of the crown.

Unlike the bracers, the circlet can be removed.

The circlet’s primary purpose is defense: When paired with a set of bracers, the wearer is enveloped in a defensive screen that imposes a +3-step penalty to missile attacks.

The circlet also improves the wearer’s WIL and PER by one point each.

Artifact: Dragonstones

Vast reservoirs of magical energy, dragonstones are rare crystals found only in certain places on the planet of Mystara. They come in three different varieties, each with different ability sets depending on the quality of the stone, and each use costs the user in some way.

Red dragonstones are ruby-like in color, but veined with gold. Regardless of quality, they all allow the wearer to record information, whether it is normal text or magical formulae. Red dragonstones require fresh blood when invoking a function. A red dragonstone can function as a Tome artifact of comparable quality.

Red dragonstones are closely affiliated with elemental earth and fire.

Passive effects:
Marginal stones allow the user to function as if in normal temperatures even in the extremes of heat and cold associated with H:2 environments: no exposure checks are required. Venturing into H:1 or H:3 environments requires exposure checks once per hour in cold and once per 10 minutes in heat.

Higher quality dragonstones grant -1/-2/-3 step bonuses to CON feats vs. fire-based Energy attacks and exposure checks to H:1 and H:3 environments.

Invoked effects are listed in availability per stone quality, and the effects “stack” as quality goes up.

Invoked effects:
Enhance/diminish flames (M): the user can heighten or dampen flames a certain number of degrees. 

Flame Shroud(O):
At a cost of 3 stuns, the user invokes an aura of flame. It provides some protection (d4 LI d4 HI d4+1 En), and deals d4w Energy damage to enemies striking the user.

Rock to Mud(G): at a cost of 1 wound, the user can liquefy a 30’ cube of solid rock, or solidify a like quantity of mud.

Quake (A): at a cost of 1d4+1 wounds, the user can invoke a localized earthquake (within 30’ radius); it is powerful enough to crack stone, though does not open up gaping rifts. All within the 30’ radius must make DEX feats to remain standing.

A siren may use a red dragonstone to cancel sonic effects within 30’. (at no cost)
A shrike may use a red dragonstone to sheathe her weapon in flames, dealing d4w/d4+1w/d4+2w (En/O) fire damage per successful attack. (at no cost.) If using a missile weapon, the shrike can summon a flaming bolt every other round, dealing d4w/d4+1w/d4+2w (En/O) damage. Each bolt costs 2 stuns.

Black dragonstones resemble onyx, or very dark opals, and are veined with deep purple. They are closely associated with air and shadow, and see use augmenting deceptive and binding magics. Their use is fueled by the user’s life force, draining Fatigue.

Passive effect: The user is able to see in darkness and poor lighting conditions as if in regular daylight.

Invoked effects:
    Blind(M) (1 point): the user can strike a target within 30’ blind for 45/30/20/10 minutes, depending on the target’s CON feat result.
    Deepen Shadows(M) (shadows are twice as effective for concealment; grants -2 step bonus to Stealth and Hiding skills within 30’); cost 1 point per 10 minutes
    Darkness, 15’ radius(O) (as the clerical spell, cast at 4th rank); cost 1 point
    Obscure trail(O) (imposes a +3 step penalty to Tracking checks) cost 2 points
    Call lightning(G) (use “Shock” damage CON feat results); cost 3 points
    Invisibility(G) (+3 step penalty to any form of detection); cost 1 point per 10 minutes
    Soulbind(A) (living target must make Resolve- mental resolve  or be compelled to do user’s will; cost 3 points/10 minutes; dead targets animate and do user’s bidding at a cost of 3 points/target/10 minutes)
    Sirens can use a black dragonstone to trap a demon’s ethereal essence (as “Steal the Soul” Necromancy skill, Beyond Science, p 33)
    Shrikes can “burn” the essences trapped within a gem, using the demon’s durability instead of her own to fuel dragonstone effects.

White dragonstones are not literally white, but clear (like diamonds), veined with gold. They are the rarest of stones to be found. They hold an affinity for protective and healing magics.

White dragonstones drain their user’s mental reserves, drawing on FX or Psionic energy points (whichever is higher)

Passive effects: Regeneration (as the Artifact, functioning for 3/6/9/12 rounds per day depending on the stone’s quality)
Invoked effects:
                       Extend regeneration: for 3 rounds/FX/Psionic energy point burned.
                       Cure Minor/Light/Moderate/Serious Wounds (heals user for 1,3, 6, or 9 points, at 1/3 the cost in FX/Psionic engergy)
                       Light(M/O/G/A) (as the adept user spell); cost 1 point per half hour
                       Detect danger(O/G/A) (-1/-2/-3 to next Awareness- intuition check); cost 2 points
                       Blur(O/G/A): bends light around the user, increasing STR and DEX resistance modifiers by +1/+2/+3 step penalties to attacker, depending on the stone’s quality. Cost is 3 point per combat scene.

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