Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DM's Workshop: The Half-Sidhe

Taking another whack at a relatively new race, here is a 5th Edition-ization of the half-sidhe.

A half-sidhe is the product of very rare coupling of a human and one of the fair folk. Much like half-elves, the half-sidhe walk between two worlds. Many choose to remain with the fair folk kindred, and thus never set foot on the other side of the Veil, living in the timeless wonder and revelry said to exist on the other side of Faery Circles. Still, circumstance or curiosity do catch up with some of these half-sidhe, and they forego the immortality bestowed by their fair folk heritage in order to explore the world of Men.
To most humans, a half-sidhe at first appears half-elven. On closer inspection, though, a noticeable difference can be discerned in the shape of their ears (not so sharply pointed as those of the elves, slightly more so than those of halflings or gnomes.) Their full-grown height varies — some barely make it to five feet tall, while others grow to well over 6 feet tall. They exhibit the lithe grace of their sidhe parent, balanced against a slightly more robust musculature from their human side. 
Half-sidhe only age when they leave the faery realm, and even then, time seems to barely touch them. Some  sages speculate that half-sidhe choose an age that appeals to them, and keep that age until they tire of it, or whimsy or circumstance necessitates a change.
The half-sidhe have no lands or kingdoms of their own, and those without familial ties usually wander the lands, going wherever the wind or their curiosity should take them. A half-sidhe might go for centuries without finding another of their kind, and those inclined to company in their wanderings make for congenial companions.

Ability Score increase:  A Half-sidhe’s Dexterity and Wisdom each increases by 1.
Fey Ancestry: Half-sidhe have advantage on saves against charms, magic can’t put them to sleep.
Keen senses: Half-sidhe gain Proficiency with the Perception skill
Second sight: Their strange relationship with time gives the half-sidhe the ability to see things as they were, or as they will be. As such, they have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks to discern that which is disguised or hidden by magic or illusion.
Darkvision: Half-sidhe can see in dim light as if it were daylight up to 60’, and darkness as if were dim light.
Amphibious: Half-sidhe can breathe water as well as air.
Subtle Presence: Half-sidhe have advantage to Stealth checks to hide among foliage, mists, rain; they can attempt to hide in plain sight as a normal Stealth check, but only by remaining motionless.

Half-sidhe have inherited their faery folk’s vulnerablility to iron.

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