Monday, November 17, 2014

DM's Workshop: The Soulbound Construct, 5e style

Last week, Wizbro released a sneak peek at the pages for creating races and sub races for the 5th edition of the game.

So, working off Keith Baker's first-pass at the Warforged, I've taken a stab at 5th-editioning the Progeny.

Soulbound Construct Traits
The current generation of  Constructs, made with the Andahar Twin clone stock have the following traits:

Ability Score Increase: A soulbound construct's Dexterity and Constitution scores each increase by 1 point.
Age: Soulbound Constructs step from the creation forges fully grown, They reach the middle of their service after approximately five years. Properly maintained, a soulbound construct’s shell can last for centuries.
Alignment: Fresh from a creation forge, a soulbound construct is Neutral in alignment. However, personality imprinting can overwrite this default setting.
Size: Soulbound constructs in the VALKYRIE line stand approximately 4 1/2 feet tall. Despite their small size, they weigh nearly 100 lbs. Depending on their clone stock, a soulbound construct's size can vary from small to large, though those used in the Afridhi Wars and Beastman Crusades were of Medium (if on the shorter side) size.
Speed: Soulbound constructs have a base walking speed of 30’. Despite their rather shorter stature, they move quickly.
Living Construct: Even though created, many of their support systems are still biological in nature. Some dragonstone reactor functions are air-cooled, thus they need to breathe.  Advanced filtration systems give them advantage on saves vs. inhaled toxins. They eat and drink only to keep appearances. Thus, they are immune to ingested poisons. This also means they are unable to process magical potions.
Unsleeping Sentinel: Soulbound constructs do not need to sleep, and as such are immune to sleep spells. However, they do require several hours of downtime for system repairs, and memory management functions. They undergo a four hour “maintenance hibernation” state each day. While in this state, they are fully aware of their surroundings. After this maintenance routine, they gain the same benefits as a human would after a full night’s (8 hour) rest.
Hive Mind: Because they share a dim connection to their mother consciousness, they have a vague sense of where their counterparts are at any given time. The knowledge others of their kind have gathered pools in this thoughtshare connection, and they are able to partly access that information. An Intelligence check can be made to access a skill that the soulbound construct does not currently have. At DC 15, they can add 1/2 their proficiency bonus to the skill; passing at DC 25, they can use their full proficiency bonus (as if they truly possessed the skill). These skill adoptions remain in place until their next maintenance cycle, after which point they are overwritten.
Because of their distributed thought matrix, soulbound constructs have advantage against any saving throws against mind-affecting magics or charms. They suffer disadvantage on Wisdom (Insight) and all Charisma skill checks.
Resiliance: As discussed above, soulbound constructs are immune to ingested poisons, and have advantage on saves against those that are inhaled or involve contact. They have resistance against poison damage.
Self-Stabilizing: Soulbound constructs have advantage on death saving throws.
Languages: Soulbound constructs speak, read, and write Common, and any other languages their Intelligence score and personality imprinting allow.


Somewhat smaller and lighter, the SIREN model is said to have been crafted in the likeness of Rowena Andahar. The irises of their eyes are the silvery-gray of a full moon, and wear Val’Kira vambraces of sliver on their forearms. They are used for stealth, infiltration, and reconnaissance. They exhibit a tendency to hum softly to themselves while in maintenance mode.
  • Ability Score Increase: Sirens’ Dexterity and Charisma each increase by 1.
  • Sirens are proficient with light armor and weapons.
  • Sirens have proficiency with the Performance skill. They are also proficient with one musical instrument. Sirens can make Performance skill checks as normal, but suffer disadvantage with other Charisma skills, as noted above.
  • Mask of the Wild: Sirens can hide even among the lightest of foliage, rain, or mists.
  • Sonic Sensitivity: Sirens have disadvantage on saves against sonic damage.

The SHRIKE series are slightly more formidable, having been modeled in the likeness of Leansethar. Their kind have eyes with golden irises, and their forearms are clad with golden twining Val’kira vambraces.

  • Ability Score Increase: Shrikes’ Strength and Constitution both increase by one point.
  • Combat Ready: Shrikes are proficient with light and medium armors, as well as martial weapons. They do not suffer disadvantage on Charisma checks for Intimidation.
  • Ever Watchful: Shrikes are proficient in the Perception skill, and have advantage on checks to determine surprise.
This article has been update with further information on the thoughtshare network. The subtype descriptions have also been updated.

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