Wednesday, April 29, 2015

PbP on approach to finish Act 2.....

The heroes are on an intercept course with the First THRONE. The Fifth THRONE, overtaken by the Wicked That Walked the Deeps of Uthorrad, looms closer, its Starfire weaponry slowly building charge.

But they will not be the first to set foot in the satellite since the days after the second Beast Man Crusade. Another ship is moored on the auxiliary docking pad.

Does it bring friends, or enemies...?

There is room for three more players in this ongoing Play by Post at the Comeback Inn. Set one thousand years after Uther's reign, Blackmoor's civilization is at its height. But the Empire crumbles, rotting from within. The Emperor sees enemies in every shadow, as more than one minister of the Imperial Regent's Council has been found to be playing host to demonic essences.

Disturbing reports from the Western Continent hint at massive devastation of one of the Imperial Defense Force's secret research facilities. An Aethernet blackout of all news of the incident by Imperial Edict does nothing to quell rumors from growing faster than thistle-weed in a squash patch.

Vanders Heavy Industries, in the meantime, has posted bulletins across crystalview and Aethernet news nodes that they are poised to sign a momentous armament contract with the Imperial Defense Forces that will enable far-flung troops to return home to their families.

Diviners from the University have been unable to find trace of the Empress of Pop amidst what little is left in the wake of the firestorm that her abductors called down, wiping out most of the IAF Special Operations Unit assigned to her rescue from the paramilitary compound in the mountains of Booh.....

Leave a comment below, on the Thorn's Chronicle Facebook page, or contact the GM through the Comeback Inn forum if you're interested in playing in this Alternity-based science-fantasy adventure.

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