Saturday, May 9, 2015

From the Netbook: The Warforged of Skothar


As imagined for the Alternity Science Fiction Roleplaying Game 

Ability Score Limits
STR 6-15 INT 4-14
DEX 3-13 WIL 3-12
CON 6-15 PER 4-14

Free Broad Skills

STRENGTH         Athletics, Armor Op
DEXTERITY Vehicle Op (Small, Med Ground)
WILL        Awareness

Tireless Worker: A warforged’s Fatigue track is equal to its entire CON, rather than 1/2.
Magical interference: A warforged attempting to use magic finds it can sometimes be difficult, due to the magics involved in its own creation. The warforged hero must make a PER feat when using magic of any kind. On a Critical Failure, the spell fails entirely, and the FX energy is lost. A Marginal success imposes a + 2 step penalty to the spell's effect; +1 step penalty on an Ordinary success, with no penalties (but never bonuses) on a Good or Amazing success.
Armored Exterior: The warforged manufacturing process imbues them with a dermal plating, rather than flesh. This grants them the equivalent of the Dermal Reinforcement mutation (Armor rating d4+1(LI), d4(HI), d4-1(En)).
Unnatural Metabolism: Because the warforged do not possess organs in the biological sense, they are resistant to poisons of all types. They can process toxins more efficiently than humans or demihumans, rendering poisons and drugs harmless, or greatly reducing the effects of the strongest of toxics. This provides a -2 step bonus to any CON feat check. This also means that medicines do not function for the warforged, and they cannot gain the benefits of using a Trauma Pack.

High Maintenance: Warforged have limited self-repair functions. They only gain back half the amount of Stun damage dealt at the end of a scene. Further stun damage repair happens slowly, requiring a Resolve-physical resolve check every hour. On a Critical Failure, the damage cascades into another of the warforged's systems, inflicting another 1d4-1 stuns. A Marginal success repairs 1 stun, an Ordinary restores 2 stuns, Good restores 3 stuns, and an Amazing success restores up to 4 stuns. Wound or Mortal damage requires use of the Technical Science-repair skill.

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