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DM's Workshop: Red Dragonstones

Red dragonstones are closely tied to the Elements of Earth and Fire. Their power draws from the user’s own Strength.

Passive Powers: fire resistance (as the spell Protection from Energy, but with unlimited duration).

Active Powers (Common):
Produce Flame
 A point of golden light hovered just above the bow’s grip. The red gems on Aurora’s circlet brightened, and the tiny golden orb caught fire. Rather than flicker upwards, though, the flames spun back towards the fingers holding the bowstring to her cheek. No sooner did the tip of the flame touch her fingertips, then did she release.
The crimson bolt cut a bright path across the chamber, blossoming with a dull roar along the back of the already-wounded statue’s knee.

This effect manifests as the Produce Flame cantrip of the same name.
A shrike can use this power to mimic the Fire Bolt spell while using an Andahar Edge in bow form, or wreathe her Edge’s blade in fire (dealing an additional 3d6 damage to the target on a successful hit).

Alter Flame
Aurora’s warning hiss quieted the already low murmur of our conversation around the sputtering fire. A gleam of red-gold light from her wrists banked the fire down to a dull red glimmer among the meager branches and brambles.

This affect manifests as the spell of the same name, from the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion.

Active Powers (Uncommon)
Earth Tremor (DC 15)
This effect manifests as the spell of the same name from the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion.

Sending (DC 13)
Red dragonstones can be keyed to certain individuals using a binding ritual that takes twenty minutes to prepare, and a drop of blood from each of those who’s dragonstones are to be linked. Once the ceremony is complete, the user can manifest an effect similar to the sending spell, but linked to any or all others who’s stones share the blood-link. Each use requires a drop of the user’s blood to activate the effect.

Active Powers (Rare):
Flame Shield (DC18)
The hall was no longer draped in shadows and darkness… far from it, now the room was awash in a ruddy, reddish-orange light, as if from a great bonfire. I glanced around, fearful that the room should have caught fire, yet there was no smoke, no more heat than was coming off the banked coals in the hall’s great hearth.
The light blazed from a point on Silva’s left arm, held before her protectively now, the tatters of the binding laying in a charred mass at her feet. She was surrounded by a hazy nimbus of yellow-orange light, a halo of silently crackling, heatless flames.
The bard was cradling his hand against his side, and there was the scent of burnt cloth, and perhaps even flesh in the air. 

This effect manifests as the Flame Shield spell of the same name.

Transmute Rock
“We just pulled you from a pile of slagged metal and nearly liquified rock,” Gilliam said. “Take a moment to collect your breath, at least.”

This affect manifests as the spell of the same name, from the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion.

Sirens can use a red dragonstone to augment their voice, enabling them to disrupt other dragonstone-invoked magical effects within 60’ as if using the third level Counterspell

Sources: 5e D&D Basic Rules, Players Handbook, Elemental Evil Player’s Compnaion.

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