Friday, August 7, 2015

DM's Workshop: White Dragonstones

White dragonstones are not tied to any specific element, but share an affinity with the Sphere of Entropy. Their power draws from the user’s own Constitution.

Passive Powers: poison resistance (as the 2nd level clerical spell Protection from Poison, but with unlimited duration), Sanctuary (as the 1st level clerical spell of the same name), regeneration (can spend HD to regain hit points while active, rather than during a short rest. HD are refreshed at twice the normal rate per rest)

Active Powers (Common):
This effect manifests as the Light cantrip of the same name.

Active Powers (Uncommon)
Cure Wounds (DC Varies)
This effect manifests as the spell of the same name from the Player’s Handbook. It can restore 1d8 hp on a DC 13 check. This check’s DC increases by 5 for each additional 1d8 points of damage the user wishes to heal.  
Remove Fear (DC 15)
This effect grants advantage against any attack or power that inflicts the frightened condition to those within the stone’s light radius.

Active Powers (Rare):
Detect Danger (DC18)
This effect manifests as the Find Traps spell.

The stone’s regeneration ability does not work on wounds inflicted with Red Steel — those may only be healed through natural means.

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