Sunday, August 24, 2014

Magic of Thorn's Mystara: The Fastpath

One of the major reasons for Blackmoor's conquest of Skothar, and later, eastern Brun was due to the speed with which her armies were able to mobilize. Near large bodies of water, the Lightning Roads could be deployed, ripping straight through dimensional barriers and bringing column after column of troops and supplies fresh from the military installations to the enemy's doorstep.

When open water was not available, the Fastpath was developed: a folding, or compressing of the second dimension, with somewhat gentler effects on the environment. Elves would later rediscover the magic, but lacking attenuation with dragonstones, would only be able to achieve the Longstride effect.

C 3, MU 4
Range: Special
Duration: Special
Effect: Compresses distance
A Fastpath is a warping of the second dimension, bending distance and direction into a straight line path four yards wide and up to a mile long. Those traveling along the Fastpath will find the distance they have traveled greatly increased, according to the quality of the stone used to invoke the path.

The distance of the path, and the amount of space it can compress depend on the quality of the dragonstone, and the level or HD of the wielder.
  • Minor: 1/4 mile, 2:1 stride ratio; path open for 1d10 minutes+1 minute per HD/level
  • Ordinary: 1/2 mile, 8:1 stride ratio; path open for 2d10 minutes+3 minutes per HD/level
  • Good: 1 mile, 16:1 stride ratio; path open for 4d10 minutes +4 minutes per HD/level
  • Amazing: 3 miles, 32:1 stride ratio; path open for 1d4 hours +5 minutes per HD/level
The distance covered or width of a Fastpath can be doubled by vibrational screening from Collection Tower pylons (as is standard practice in Blackmoor colony civil defenses). Strong concentrations of ferrous metals can interfere with Fastpath functionality, with as little as an inch's worth blocking or cutting off the 'path (sometimes with grisly results, depending on the space-compression ratio (treat as falling damage from 10-40' depending on the quality of the stone)

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