Saturday, August 23, 2014

DM's Workshop: 5th Edition, part III

Yes, I caved. What can I say? The raise was higher than I expected so there was a bit left over in this month's budget.
This week, I've been tinkering with the sorcerer class. While dragons are just fine and dandy as fearsome creatures of legend, in who's affairs it is in one's best interests not to meddle, I think I'll leave draconic affairs at arm's length and out of the (ahem) bloodlines.
Besides, Thorn's Chronicle already has the dueling societies of Glantri and Alphatia's exiled wizards to account for magic in the blood.

And so we take a first look at a (very) rough pass at the Glantrian weaver once bound to the Shepherd Macha, one of a mercenary band brought in to help guard the shipments of magic items looted from the Vaults of the Ancients being shipped down to Fort Doom.

Sera's background had to be cobbled together mostly from the criminal and hermit backgrounds in the PHB;  she was an unwilling participant, practically a slave herself in being collected up during one of the Shepherds' Harvests when she was barely even a young woman. As such, she lived a secluded lifestyle within the mercenary band. Now freed of her ties to her Shepherd, only the cruelest of courts would hold her responsible for the crimes committed while under the influence of the collar-and-lead. Fortunately, most of those within the Grand Duchy do not know what the silvery-metal collar about her neck represents.

The mechanics of the collar-and-lead still need to be worked out in 5e terms, but that is a project for another week.

I'm fairly certain I've missed quite a bit. But this was a first look at statting out a higher-level character. The Glantrian Shepherds were at least 6th level, compared to Thorn & company's 4th. The two Shepherd-weaver pairs were supposed to be a tough fight, coupled with the close confines of Golithar's Tower stairwell as the stage for the battle.

I did not equip Sera with any weaponry, as she was not allowed to use any in her service with the Glantrian mercenary band. When she must defend herself, she relies entirely on her magic, either immobilizing her attackers with bonds of air, or using a more permanent, fiery solution....

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