Thursday, September 13, 2018

DM's Workshop: Brynne gets OLD

This week, we take a look at converting the Handmaiden Brynne over to the What's OLD is NEW system.
I was going to say something about tackling her conversion.... but I know better than to mess with the Handmaidens of Petra's Sergeant at Arms.....

With no further ado, a fairly straight forward crossover:

Brynne is an unflappable young human female warrior-monk fascinated by legends of the Traladaran Three.
Follow these steps to create your character: 

1. Note your starting attributes (each attribute starts at 3, except for Magic and Reputation, each of which start at 0). 
2. Choose a race.  Brynne is human.
a)Apply race attribute adjustments. Humans receive +2 to LUC, +2 to one attribute of their choice, and +1 to another attribute; Brynne is stubborn, so takes +2 to her WIL; a charming girl, she takes +1 to CHA
b) Note your Size. Brynne is Medium
c) Choose three racial skills. local history, climbing, running
d) Note all the listed race exploits. Explorer, Varied, Enduring
3. Choose a hook, and note it in your descriptor.  Brynne is fascinated by legends of the Traladaran Three.
a) Choose one attribute related to that hook; this is called your hook attribute. LOG?
4. Choose five careers. Start with an origin, and then select four further careers. Because Brynne is still young, we’re only giving her three careers.
Origin. Acolyte, Farmhand, Noble, Page, Primitive, Slave, Urchin, Villager, Wizard’s Apprentice 
Brynne  is the daughter of a brewer in Eltan’s Spring. As such, she knows a bit about brewing. Brynne grew accustomed to cooking, and also helping her mother’s work as a seamstress. She keeps her ears open, always eager to learn new stories of the area in which she grew up, she has leaned much of the history and legends of her local area. Age: 8
For each career grade, do the following:
a) Apply all of the listed attribute adjustments. Note that you may optionally substitute either one of your racial attributes or your hook attribute for one of the listed attributes. 
b) Choose two of the listed skills and advance each by one point. Note that characters may always select a defensive skill instead of a listed skill. 
c) Choose one new career exploit from the list shown or choose one universal exploit. 
d) Roll for the number of years your character ends at that career grade and increase your age (your age starts at zero). 
Brynne’s father wanted his eldest to be a boy, and he raised her as such. Because of her work taking shipments back and forth among the rough trails of the Altan Tepes foothills, Brynne got an education not unlike those of a street tough, so she takes the Ruffian career, gaining +1 to STR, END, CHA and LUC. No friend of bullies, and with a bit of a temper herself, has a tendency for standing up for the weak or put-upon. She learned the fine art of brawling and intimidation. Being knocked around gives her the Street Tough exploit’s +2 natural soak. Age: 9
  One of the men her father employed to guard the delivery caravans studied martial arts in the mountains above the Sindhi deserts. Seeing Brynne’s prowess in besting those bigger than her, he takes her under his wing, training her in the ways of the Warrior Monk. She gets +1 to AGI, END, INT, and WIL. She is somewhat disappointed when the lessons start off with dancing. But she soon finds that it merges well with her training in staves.  She learns to hold her ground, turning aside attacks in a Defensive Stance. Age: 10
She continues training, mastering the basics of martial arts, and continuing to learn to fight with staves. Brynne picks up the Martial Technique Base, focusing on Tripping and Throwing her adversaries.
5. Select Aim or Feint (free universal exploits) plus one other exploit of your choice for which you qualify.  
Brynne takes the Feint exploit (+1d6 to the attack action taken immediately after using this exploit), as well as Quick Stand, allowing her to stand from prone immediately as a free action or reaction once per turn. She is immune to the Downed condition.
6. Choose one trait based on your highest or lowest attribute and note that in your descriptor. 
With her high INTUITION, Brynne takes the Unflappable trait, which makes her immune to feints.
7. Determine your age and apply any age exploits.
Brynne is 11, which qualifies her as young. The Young exploit allows her to declare (once per day) an exploding dice pool. Any 6s rolled explode, meaning they are rolled again and added the existing 6. Further 6s continue to explode, until less than a 6 is rolled.
8. Calculate your derived statistics.
Derived Stats: Her dice pools look like this:
Brynne’s skills: (because none are above 3, her die pool is a shallow 1d6 for any of her skills)
local history 2, climbing 1, running 1, cooking 1, sewing 1, brewing 1, brawling 1, intimidation 1, staves 2, dancing 1, martial arts 1
Health END+WIL pools: 6d6 HEALTH
Speed  STR pool size+AGI pool size+running = 6  Climb STR+AGI+Climbing/2 = 3
Jump (horizontal 2xAGI(attribute itself, in feet)/vertical STR(attribute itself, in feet))
12’/4’ (assumes 10’ run-up; halved if standing)
Carry STR+ENDx10 100lbs
Maximum lift 50xSTR in lbs. 200lbs
Initiative INT dice pool 3d6
Perception INT dice pool 3d6
A coat of leather armor SOAK 4 (unarmored SOAK 2)
MELEE (AGI+staves) 4d6 = 14+4=18 (Defensive Stance)
RANGED (AGI) 3d6 11
MENTAL (CHA or WIL) 3d6 11
VITAL (END) 3d6 11
9. Spend money to equip your character with armor, weapons, and equipment

Brynne doesn’t own much, just the clothes on her back, pair of worn leather work gloves,  a leather sparring coat, and well-polished walking/fighting staff, and one of the dozen pendants shared by the Handmaidens. A belt pouch and 15 gc completes her equipment.

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