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DM's Workshop: Petra gets O.L.D.

I suppose the "No, this Handmaiden hasn't actually grown up" joke would wear a bit thin*, so I won't make it again.
*See? I could've said the joke gets old.

With the pre-work of making up wererats out of the way, now it's time to see what Petra might look like in the What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. system.

Petra is an ambidextrous young wererat female burglar who carves wooden trinkets.
Follow these steps to create your character: 

1. Note your starting attributes (each attribute starts at 3, except for Magic and Reputation, each of which start at 0). 
2. Choose a race.  Petra is a wererat.
a)Apply race attribute adjustments. Wererats receive +3 to AGI, +2 to INT, and +1 to END
b) Note your Size. Petra is Medium
c) Choose three racial skills. scent, stealth, thievery
d) Note all the listed race exploits.
Direction Sense, Evasion, Regeneration, Shapechange
3. Choose a hook, and note it in your descriptor. Petra burns off her excess energy by whittling small trinkets and knickknacks out of spare wood.
a) Choose one attribute related to that hook; this is called your hook attribute. Definitely AGI 
4. Choose five careers. Start with an origin, and then select four further careers. Since Petra is very young, she will only get two careers
Origin. Acolyte, Farmhand, Noble, Page, Primitive, Slave, Urchin, Wizard’s Apprentice 
Origin career Bastard, from EONS #9. She gains +1 to INT and WIL, and +2 to CHA. She chooses insight and bluffing. Being Adaptable gives her a bonus 1d6 to group checks. Age: 8
For each career grade, do the following:
a) Apply all of the listed attribute adjustments. Note that you may optionally substitute either one of your racial attributes or your hook attribute for one of the listed attributes. 
b) Choose two of the listed skills and advance each by one point. Note that characters may always select a defensive skill instead of a listed skill. 
c) Choose one new career exploit from the list shown or choose one universal exploit. 
d) Roll for the number of years your character ends at that career grade and increase your age (your age starts at zero). 
It was about this time Petra fell in with Jasna, who gladly taught the girl the finer points of burglary. Though not as nimble as her elder, Petra managed the basics of acrobatics and climbing, and defensive fighting with blunt weapons. Maybe it was her wererat heritage, but she developed a Sixth Sense for traps, gaining +2d6 bonus to spot them, and a +1d6 bonus to avoid or disarm.  She also discovered a knack for tumbling locks(Locksmith, +2d6 bonus to picking locks). Age: 9, 10
5. Select Aim or Feint (free universal exploits) plus one other exploit of your choice for which you qualify.  
Petra takes the Feint exploit (+1d6 to the attack action taken immediately after using this exploit), as well as Predictive Reflexes, which grants her a +1d6 bonus to Initiative checks.
6. Choose one trait based on your highest or lowest attribute and note that in your descriptor. 
With her high AGILITY, Petra takes the Ambidextrous trait, negating the -2d6 penalty to off-hand attacks when dual wielding.
7. Determine your age and apply any age exploits.
Petra is 10, which qualifies her as young. The Young exploit allows her to declare (once per day) an exploding dice pool. Any 6s rolled explode, meaning they are rolled again and added the existing 6. Further 6s continue to explode, until less than a 6 is rolled.
8. Calculate your derived statistics.
Derived Stats: Her dice pools look like this:
STR 3 2d6
AGI 8 3d6
END 4 2d6
INT 8 3d6
LOG 3 2d6
WIL 4 2d6
CHA 5 2d6
LUC 5 2d6
REP 2 1d6
MAG 0 0d6
Petra’s skills: (because none are above 3, her die pool is a shallow 1d6 for any of her skills)
insight 1, bluffing 1, scent 1, stealth 1, thievery 1, blunt 1, acrobatics 1, climbing 2
Health END+WIL pools: 4d6
Speed  STR pool size+AGI pool size = 5  Climb 3
Jump (horizontal 2xAGI(attribute itself, in feet)/vertical STR(attribute itself, in feet))
16’/3’(assumes 10’ run-up; halved if standing)
Carry STR+ENDx10 70 lbs
Maximum lift 50xSTR 150 lbs. 
Initiative INT dice pool + exploit 4d6
Perception INT pool 3d6
MELEE (STR or AGI+acrobatics) 4d6 13 (3d6 cap + Evasion exploit)
RANGED (AGI+acrobatics) 4d6 11 (3d6 cap)
MENTAL (WIL or CHA) 2d6 10
VITAL (END) 2d6 10
9. Spend money to equip your character with armor, weapons, and equipment
Petra travels light, with just her clothes, a reversible cloak, her two ton-fas, and one of the dozen pendants shared by the Handmaidens. A belt pouch containing her carving knife, a packet of dried moonflower petals, lock picks and 15 gc completes her equipment. (The pendant allows its wearer to understand High Thonian. If anointed with a drop of the wear’s blood, the pendant allows an hour’s communication with any who share the same group of pendants, regardless of distance, as long as they are on the same plane of existence)
Moonflower petals suppress the lycanthropic urge to change. Placing them under the tongue grants a lycanthrope a +1d6(+2d6 if specially dried and prepared) bonus to WIL checks against involuntary shapechange during the full moon for the duration of a medium(fresh) or fast(if dried) hourly WIL pool countdown. If the moonflower petals’ effect wears off while the moon is still full, the wererat changes immediately, and the change inflicts a persistent PAIN condition for the remainder of the night. 
Outside of the three days of the full moon, (or for those not afflicted with the curse) the petals induce a state of calm, preventing the user from being affected by the AFRAID or ANGRY conditions. However, they are then susceptible to the PLACID condition on double-sixes. They are highly addictive.

Petra's Wererat Exploits:
Direction Sense. You always know which way is true North, and instinctively know the best/quickest route to take through urban areas. Furthermore, once you have navigated a building or city, you can recall its layout with near perfect accuracy.
Evasion. Wererats are nimble and adept at dodging. They gain a +2 bonus to either their Melee Defense or their Ranged Defense. This bonus does not stack with other exploits which increase your Defense scores. 
Regeneration. Young wererat whelps have not yet grown into their full immunity to normal weapons. When in their giant rat form, they can regenerate 1d6 Health at the beginning of their turn from any damage except that inflicted by slivered, holy or psychic attacks.

Shapechange. You must transform into a giant rat when under the light of the full moon. You cannot speak to humans while in this form, but normal and giant rats will understand you. On nights when the moon is visible but not yet full, you can assume your giant rat form. The duration is a medium countdown of your WIL dice pool in hours. Changing back before the countdown expires, or resisting the change to stay in were-form after the countdown has expired requires a Difficult [16]WIL check. You retain your own mental attributes, but otherwise use those of a giant rat. W.O.I.N. stats here.

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