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DM's Workshop: Jasna gets O.L.D.

If you haven't picked up ENPublishing's What's OLD is NEW system, you're missing out. It comes in three flavors -- O.L.D., N.O.W., and N.E.W. depending on whether or not you want to play fantasy/medieval, modern/near future action/adventure, or take to the stars in the far future. The best news, of course, is that the rules system is completely open, and you can find most (if not all) of the rules at the system's website, for free if you don't want to plonk down the ten or so bucks for one of the flavors of the core rules.

No, this post's title in no way means that everybody's favorite maker-of-trouble for a certain infamous villainous magic user has in any way grown up. Perish the thought!

What I have done is go through the character generation process to see what Jasna might look like in the O.L.D. fantasy roleplaying game. I'm sure there is more I could do with an even deeper read of the core rulebook, but here is a first-pass at the little lass

Jasna is a nimble young human female who enjoys collecting old maps.

Follow these steps to create your character: 
1. Note your starting attributes (each attribute starts at 3, except for Magic and Reputation, each of which start at 0). 
2. Choose a race.  Jasna is human.
a)Apply race attribute adjustments. Humans receive +2 to LUC, +2 to one attribute of their choice, and +1 to another attribute; Jasna is nimble, so takes +2 to her AGI; she almost as quick with her tongue as she is on her feet, and takes +1 to CHA
b) Note your Size. Jasna is Medium (barely)
c) Choose three racial skills. [gaming], climbing, running
d) Note all the listed race exploits.
Explorer, Varied, Enduring
3. Choose a hook, and note it in your descriptor.  Jasna is fascinated by old maps.
a) Choose one attribute related to that hook; this is called your hook attribute.  We’ll tie her fascination with maps to her LOGIC attribute
4. Choose five careers. Start with an origin, and then select four further careers. Because Jasna is still young, we’re only giving her four careers.
Origin. Urchin 
Jasna grew up on the streets of Threshold, so we’ll give her the Urchin origin. This gives her +1 to AGI, INT, END, and LUC. Having to spot and dodge the town watch, she picked up the perception and stealth skills. She also gains the Life on the Streets exploit, which allows her to heal an additional 1d6 health each day. Age: 8
For each career grade, do the following:
a) Apply all of the listed attribute adjustments. Note that you may optionally substitute either one of your racial attributes or your hook attribute for one of the listed attributes. 
b) Choose two of the listed skills and advance each by one point. Note that characters may always select a defensive skill instead of a listed skill. 
c) Choose one new career exploit from the list shown or choose one universal exploit. 
d) Roll for the number of years your character ends at that career grade and increase your age (your age starts at zero). 
She spends time working the townsfolk. As a Ruffian, she gains +1 to STR, END, CHA, and LUC. She learns how to fight with knives, and learns that sometimes, running is better than fighting. Life on the streets is tough, and she takes the Street Tough exploit, which gives her a +2 natural SOAK. Age: 9
A botched attempt at picking a pocket brings her to the attention of the local guild. Seeing her slight size, they put her talents to better use as a burglar. This gives her +1 to AGI, INT, LUC, and REP.  She furthers her skill in stealth, and also picks up thieving. She’ll take the Cat Burglar exploit, which negates the penalties associated to fighting while climbing. Age: 10
Its a good life, so she takes another go at burglar, taking the +1 to AGI, INT, LUC, and REP. She focuses on her climbing, and also gains some proficiency with acrobatics through some of the tougher jobs. Rather than take a career exploit*, Jasna takes the universal Blinding Attack, which inflicts the BLIND condition on her target on a successful hit. Age: 11
* Because her upcoming trait — high AGI — will result in her gaining an exploit with the same benefit of the burglar’s Climber, she decides to take a Universal exploit in its place.
5. Select Aim or Feint (free universal exploits) plus one other exploit of your choice for which you qualify.  
Jasna takes the Feint exploit (+1d6 to the attack action taken immediately after using this exploit), as well as Dodge, which inflicts a -1d6 penalty to one attack she is aware of.
6. Choose one trait based on your highest or lowest attribute and note that in your descriptor. 
With her high AGILITY, Jasna takes the Nimble trait, which grants her full SPEED (rather than half) for CLIMB.
7. Determine your age and apply any age exploits.
Jasna is 11, which qualifies her as young. The Young exploit allows her to declare (once per day) an exploding dice pool. Any 6s rolled explode, meaning they are rolled again and added the existing 6. Further 6s continue to explode, until less than a 6 is rolled.
8. Calculate your derived statistics.
Derived Stats: Her dice pools look like this:
STR 4 2d6
AGI 8 3d6
END 5 2d6
INT 6 3d6
LOG 3 1d6
WIL 3 1dd6
CHA 5 3d6
LUC 9 3d6
REP 2 1d6
MAG 0 ----
Jasna’ skills: (because none are above 3, her die pool is a shallow 1d6 for any of her skills)
perception 1, stealth 2, knives 1, running 2, thieving 1, climbing 2, acrobatics 1
Health END+WIL pools: 2d6+1d6= 6+3+4= 13 HEALTH
Speed  STR pool size+AGI pool size+running = 6  Climb STR+AGI+Climbing= 6
Note, WOIN measures this as "squares" of 5', so she can cover up to 30' in combat per turn.
Jump (horizontal 2xAGI(attribute itself, in feet)/vertical STR(attribute itself, in feet))
18’/4’ (assumes 10’ run-up; halved if standing)
Carry STR+ENDx10 90lbs Maximum lift 50xSTR in lbs. 200lbs
Initiative INT dice pool 3d6
Perception INT dice pool + perception skill pool 4d6
MELEE (AGI+acrobatics) 4d6 14
RANGED (AGI+acrobatics) 4d6 14
MENTAL (WIL) 2d6 7 >10
VITAL (END) 2d6 7 > 10

Defenses use an average of the generated dice pool, otherwise combat would take forever with each opposed attack vs. defenses roll.
Because Jasna is only grade 4, her dice pool caps at 4d6. Once she gains another grade, she'll be able to use her magical dagger to increase her Melee Defense by another +1d6 (magical items are considered to be of high quality), raising it to 18.
Her WIL and END average out to 7, but minimum DEFENSE scores are 10, and thus get bumped up to that minimum.
9. Spend money to equip your character with armor, weapons, and equipment
Jasna doesn’t own much, just the clothes on her back, “Slither,” a magically sharpened dagger she found in the dungeons of the nearby ruins, and one of nearly a dozen pendants shared by the Handmaidens. A belt pouch and 15 gc completes her equipment. (The pendant allows its wearer to understand High Thonian. If anointed with a drop of the wearer’s blood, the pendant allows an hour’s communication with any who share the same group of pendants, regardless of distance, as long as they are on the same plane of existence)

There you have it. One of the ways to get a young nimble human female burglar who collects old maps.

WOIN has one of the more lengthy character generation systems, but I like the way the career life path system lets you pretty much tell a story as you go. Or, if you've already got a story in mind (as I did with Jasna), you can use that to guide your creation process.

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