Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reblog: Thonia, Blackmoor, and the Fey: Chasing the Fallen Star

“A sound like all the giants of the North raising their voices in a mighty roar, joined by the dragons: not even this could describe the sound of the falling star as it streaked across the sky. The night was lit as if it were day, and when the star met the horizon to the south, the earth quaked down to its very bones...”

Originally posted 27 January, 2011

History tells us that the Regency Council chartered an expedition to the Valley of the Ancients, to investigate the fallen star. Truth be told, the Regency Council passed many an act forbidding just such a thing. Sleeping dragons, and all that.
More than likely, Uther urged the mission into the Valley of the Ancients. Leansethar had gone missing, the day after hearing that the healers could do nothing about the sickness that had claimed her sister.
The girl was returned, and secluded herself with the alchemists at her father’s university for the next six months.
After that time, records speak of a great celebration at the castle. It can only be assumed that Leansethar’s twin was able to make a full recovery with whatever secrets her sister was able to bring back from the place she said looked like a city of the gods themselves...

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