Friday, June 29, 2012

Reblog: Thonia, Blackmoor, and the Fey: Fairwind's Attraction

Originally posted 29 January, 2011

Not all of Uther’s time was spent crusading from one end of the Kindgom to another. One of those well-known secrets was that he enjoyed mingling with his people, often times rubbing elbows at one tavern or another in Blackmoor Town.

A running joke amongst the ranks of the King’s Companions and University’s security staff was that they were no longer needed, as Uther was never unattended by the twins (whether he liked it or not). Indeed, two occasions are thoroughly documented where one or the other of the twins had intervened in attacks on the King.
There is a curious gap, though, in which the twins are conspicuously absent, between 1020 and 1022 UC.
Apparently, the twins were fascinated by the various different acts of the Fairwind Circus on one of the rare occasions where they traveled away from the Castle. Fortunately, the twins were very quick studies, putting lessons learned from the various showmen and -women together as part of those acts, and then putting on their own acts in their last six months at the Circus. 
The Master of Ceremonies laments, in his journal, that there could not be more wizards living nearby to lose control of a summoned demon....

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