Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reblog: Thonia, Blackmoor, and the Fey: Initial Thoughts

    Known as “Morgana” among humans of the North, “Malbeth” by the dwarves, “Al’mistra Solodon” by the elves of the Red Woods.
    Those of an age to remember her from the time of the Second Republic in Thonia name her as the Mother of Secrets, the Grey Lady, She of the Mists, Gatherer of the Dawns. 
    The Valemen called her “Namestealer.” Among the Peshwah she was known as “Faceless Night,” for there it is said she only appeared during the new moon.

Originally posted Jan 8th, 2011

Some thoughts clicked into place, while perusing several different message boards and reading over some timelines while I tried to figure out the “when” of certain things on Thorn’s Mystara. 
The Hollow World and DA1 timelines indicate that the Fey lived among the first Thonians. My guess would be that as the Thonians prospered, they cleared more and more of the woodlands in which the Fey lived, forcing the Fey further and further north. I would also hazard a guess that the increasing organization and structured cultural development was not to the liking of the free-minded and chaotic Fey.
With the spire of oddly magical black rock and the wild magics said to run rampant through the lands of the Thonian Province of the North, one almost wonders why the Fey did not settle there initially.  Of course, if they had to be pushed to those lands, one might also wonder about magic so wild that even the Fey avoided it...
Even though the Fey were said to be in steady decline after they ceased their fostering of the elves, I imagine them to still be quite numerous and influential in the North. I also envision their dealings with the Dwarves and Elves and Men to be complex, chaotic, trifling at times, and devastating at others.
More later.

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