Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reblog: Thonia, Blackmoor and the Fey: The Heiresses

“We were not delicate songbirds, to be kept caged and sheltered by the Seneschal. More often than not, it was one of the King’s Companions or the Fetch himself that wound up fishing one or the other of us from the center of one mess or another. I, at least, did not have to be plucked from the moat.”
--- Rowena, Firstborn Heiress of Blackmoor

Originally posted 19 January, 2011

Thonian field marshals were not particularly eloquent in summarizing their reports. Three different reports from three units each read the same, with regard to the whereabouts of Uther Andahar following his interference with the arrest of Han Aleford: “Meddling Northern Baron gone. No trace within his barony, or surrounds.”
The new Wizard, Sildonis, extends an invitation to Uther to once more shelter in the woods to the east of Blackmoor.
When Uther emerges nearly a year later, he brings with him twin girls. It is said that they simply walked into Castle Blackmoor, hand in hand. Of the monsters that had been infesting the upper works, there was no sign. Accounts of visitors to the castle all note the remarkably lifelike statuary that the Baron (and later King) kept in his gardens.
Visitors also note that the twins seem to have free rein over the castle, coming and going as they pleased, usually disappearing when approached. Literally disappearing.
The girls are present for Uther’s coronation as first King of Blackmoor. The king recognizes them as his heirs, though no mention is made of their mother.
It is only after several years that people start to notice that though Uther grows older, the girls do not seem to age. Rumors begin to spread that their mother is actually elven.
Shortly after the blazing star strikes the Valley of the Ancients to the south of the Kingdom, messengers ride from the castle in all directions, each with missives bidding the greatest of healers to come to Castle Blackmoor with all haste.
Image source: Gosick anime opening, Production Studio BONES

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